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The Power Behind the Vision

Throughout the years Performance4 has partnered with numerous companies at the forefront of human performance and athlete monitoring. It is through these partnerships that we are able to provide the best opportunity for our athletes to not only succeed, but optimize and excel their performance.

Hammer Strength

Fitness Equipment

Hammer Strength offers industry-level strength training equipment that optimizes the machine movement to the biomechanics of human motion. Specialized equipment include, but are not limited to selectorized, plate loaded, benches, racks and ribs, cables, and more! 


Player Tracking and Real-Time Athlete Monitoring

Kinexon provides an easy to use player tracking and monitoring system for real time applications in indoor and outdoor settings using 3D positional data, in addition to physiologic internal and external workload monitoring.


Cardiovascular Monitoring 

POLAR has developed state-of-the-art wearable heart rate monitoring devices that include chest straps, watches, and armbands. Further, the Polar H10 has been used as a gold standard for multiple wearable device validation studies.

Hawkin Dynamics

Force Plate Technology

Hawkin Dynamics is built around our customers. We believe that technology is most useful when it stays out of your way. Our force plate system is the quickest, easiest to use, and most robust solution on the market.


Player Tracking and Real-Time Athlete Monitoring

The Catapult system incorporates wearable technology, athlete management, and video analysis technology and has been at the forefront of sports science technology since 2006. Catapult has widespread applications in soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and more!

Proteus Motion

3D Resistance Measurement Technology

Our patented 3D Resistance™ unlocks a new frontier in human performance data and software content, while delivering a totally new workout experience.

Designs For Sports

Performance Supplements

We know that performance is not just protein shakes and reps! It’s the connection between nutrition, sleep, immune health, digestive health, inflammation, micro and macro nutrient status, mineral status, mental health, stress management and hormones. It’s about innovative ways to manage health that help us get the results we truly want!


Fitness Equipment

Sorinex is a family owned strength training equipment company and is the most sought after strength brand for professional teams, colleges, high schools, military bases, and athletes looking to build a home gym. Some of our innovations have changed the face of strength training forever, and can be found in almost any serious gym in the world. Our one-on-one process for creating custom solutions and branding for your unique situation sets us apart from other companies. When you go with Sorinex, you become a part of the Bosco Brotherhood.


Camera to Quantify Weight Room Performance

Perch is used by the world’s most elite athletic organizations to optimize performance, manage fatigue, profile athletes, and quantify daily readiness. For all levels of athletics, from NFL teams to High School Athletes, Perch helps you be ready for game day.


Strength & Conditioning Software

A platform for any coach in any setting. Every day, thousands of coaches log into TeamBuildr to write training programs, build questionnaires and access athlete and client performance data.

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