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Strength Articles

RNI Human Performance

Topics Include: Training Load, Recovery, Biomechanical Force Production, Data Science, Cognitive Function, Tactical Science, Mental Skills Training, Wellbeing, Wearables, Sleep.

This article discusses how to help your athletes during a season's travel schedule to avoid fatigue and jet lag that could lead to injuries.

Vertical Jump & Handgrip Strength

This article discusses the importance of vertical jump and handgrip strength for different position players in the game of basketball.

Driving to the Basket Associated with Higher Risk of ACL Tears

This article discusses how NBA players that had a tendency to drive to the basket more during games are at a higher risk to tear their ACL.

Effects of Stretching & Strength on Speed & Power

This article examines the short term effects of stretching and strength exercises on running speed and jumping performance in competitive basketball players.

Explosive Leg Strength of Elite Basketball Players

This article examines a program and its effect on basketball player's leg strength.

Measuring Physical Demands in Basketball - A systematic Review of Practices

This article examines the physical preparation models that are used on basketball athletes to improve their health and performance.

Nutritional Interventions to Improve Sleep in Team-Sport Athletes

This article examines the role nutrition plays in sports performance, recovery and how they improve sleep quality and quantity.

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